Breathlessness & Fatigue

Breathlessness is one of the most difficult and one of the most common symptoms of many advanced diseases. It is a very frightening symptom to have to live with and can induce feelings of helplessness or despair. Both the person who suffers from it and those closest to them often become anxious and sometimes depressed and worried by the impact of breathlessness.


Hospice of the valleys –Breathlessness & Fatigue Management Programme can help:

  • The Therapies team run   6 week programmes designed to help you manage your long term breathlessness.
  • You can attend with your carer/family member
  • You will be shown a number of different techniques, tips and advice that will help you to manage your breathlessness.
  • Each week you will be given a fact sheet covering the topics discussed during that session.
  • At the end of the programme you will have your own personal “toolkit” of techniques.


If you would like to be referred to this programme please discuss this with your Hospice of the Valley team member.

What patients have said about the programme

“I’m more confident with going out since attending the course”
“I am more relaxed”
“I am managing to do more, I have more energy”
“I am able to control my breathing better”


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