Social Work

It can be difficult to talk about illness and the strong emotions that accompany it.

We can provide a listening ear to patients, their families and carers and help you to explore the thoughts and feelings associated with illness and the changes it brings. We can also support patients and their families to talk and express their feelings and to support one another.

You may want to make plans for the future. Some people find talking to someone outside the family can help. You may also want to put some of those plans down in writing. We have the skills necessary to assist you in doing this.

We recognise the financial impact that may follow an illness and can offer support to access any benefits you may be entitled to, or help you apply for charitable grants that are available.

We can also signpost you to other support services and advocate on your behalf with other agencies, such as housing, employers and equipment providers, to help you meet your needs.


Advance Care Planning

Hospice of the Valleys want to support people to live their life to the full, whatever that means to you.  Have you ever considered what would happen f you couldn’t make decisions? What would be important to you?

Our experiences have found that planning ahead, discussing, sharing and sometimes documenting those important decisions and preferences, enables this to happen.

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a voluntary, structured process of discussion with patients and their families or carers about their wishes and thoughts for the future.  This discussion is encouraged to take place in anticipation of any deterioration which may result in loss of capacity.

It is an opportunity for people to feel empowered that their preferences are considered and respected.  With regular reviews and clear communication between all parties, ACP enables better planning and care provision. is a site especially for teenagers who have a parent with cancer Is the best place to find Government services and information


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