Hospice at Home

Hospice at home aims to provide care at home for patients with life limiting illness. This will be in addition to the care provided by home carers, District Nurses and your Hospice Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Priority will be given to patients with the greater need. It will provide care when it is most appropriate, during the day or the night. Allowing patients to be cared for in the comfort of their own home.

Who needs support?

• Patients nearing the end of life
• Patients with uncontrolled symptoms
• Carer crisis
• Rapid discharge from hospital
• Prevention of hospital admission
• Patients known to Hospice of the Valleys

Referrals for this service can be made by:

• Hospice Clinical Nurse Specialist
• Community Nurse
• G.P.
• hospital based Palliative Care Teams

What service do we provide?

• Night carers depending on need 10.00pm – 7.00am
• Day respite if statutory services not available
• Limited personal care. (service not available in addition to regular service from home carers)
1. Catheter care
2. Administer and assist with oral medication plus or minus oxygen
3. Patient comfort
4. Family support

We do not provide?

• Childcare
• Domestic tasks e.g. House work, meal preparation
• Tasks that can be undertaken by your regular home carer and routine dressings
• No pet care

We ask the service user to provide: a warm environment, a reading light, toilet facilities, kettle for refreshments and a comfortable chair. Please make available a clean change of clothing and bedding. District Nurse notes and ‘just in case box’’. Please note a ‘No Smoking Policy’ applies in front of nursing staff.

"Our commitment, in collaboration with other providers, is to deliver free, high quality care for patients in our community living with a life limiting illness, and comprehensive support for their families throughout treatment, end of life care and bereavement."
Hospice at Home Team

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