As a specialist palliative care unit we recognise the importance of the elements of care, compassion, beliefs and values which are often referred to under the umbrella of “Spiritual Care”.


This is different to religious care and can be explained as:


  • Spiritual Care is usually given in a one to one relationship, is completely person centred and makes no assumptions about personal conviction or life orientation:
  • Religious Care is given in the context of shared religious beliefs, values, liturgies and lifestyle of a faith community.


Spiritual care can be provided by all health care staff, by carers, families and other patients. When a person is treated with respect, when they are listened to in a meaningful way, when they are seen and treated as a whole person within the context of their life, values and beliefs, then they are receiving spiritual care.

Our chaplain offers both spiritual and religious support through direct contact with patients and families and also through the support that he provides to staff working with the organisation.

Reverend Roy Watson


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